To complement Acting Without Boundaries, Christine Rouse has developed a disability awareness program called “Kids Are Kids.” Kids Are Kids is a disabled awareness educational workshop dedicated to educating children and adults about disabilities. The theme of the workshop is “What makes us different makes us beautiful.” We teach children and adults that everyone has special qualities that make everyone unique.

For over 10 years, Kids Are Kids has been spreading this message to schools, colleges, civic organizations, summer camps and conventions throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. The pilot educational workshop was introduced in 1991 at a summer camp and proved so successful that the program has grown steadily since then.

Christine F. Rouse founded Kids are Kids because she is dedicated to educating people about disabilities because of her personal experience with Cerebral Palsy. Christine experienced rejection from her peers in high school because of her disability. Although that was a rough period in her life, it left her with the courage and strong conviction that children and adults needed to be educated about disabilities.

Each year the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine nominates a person who has done an outstanding job for people with disabilities. In 1994 Christine Rouse and Kids Are Kids were presented with this award because of “the dedication to educate children about disabilities.” The same year, Christine Rouse and Kids Are Kids were also presented with an award from Ingles House for “the dedication to educate children about disabilities throughout the Philadelphia area.” In 1999, Kids Are Kids published a workbook that reinforces the disability awareness workshops.

Christine Rouse: “I think people are genuinely curious about people who have disabilities and want to know more.”


Full Day In-service: A full day in-service would be an entire school day. The children rotate from one activity to another. Each activity lasts approximately thirty or forty minutes.

One Hour Program: A flexible one hour program that can accommodate your school’s or organization’s schedule. We can offer an assembly program or provide one of the activities.

Activities may include:

  • A panel of speakers with disabilities provides for first-hand insightful talks and shares their experiences.
  • Sensitivity activities for children and adults to experience what it is like to be disabled, such as using wheelchairs and walkers and wearing blindfolds.
  • Enjoyable music that reinforces personal worth and value. Kids Are Kids has written two songs, “What Makes Us Different Makes Us Beautiful” and “Kids Are Kids.”
  • A performance by Acting without Boundaries.

Contact Christine Rouse at or call (610) 922-8240 for more information or to schedule a workshop.

“My daughter, Chloe, lives for the workshops, plays and the social interactions that AWB has afforded. From AWB’s inception, Christine Rouse has provided an environment of support, fun and pride. The focus is not just a successful performance – it is a celebration of successful lives despite disabilities. AWB has allowed Chloe to realize that she still has much to give, and in doing so, has gained confidence in who she is – not dwelling on who she cannot be…that is the gift that only AWB could give, and gives constantly to their “gifted” members.”
-Michele Rae Kirkland, Parent of Chloe Kirkland, AWB Actor