The staff of AWB has been working extremely hard to continue our important work fulfilling our AWB mission for our actors and families, despite the pandemic. The pandemic has affected everyone’s lives, businesses and nonprofits.  These are challenging times for everyone, but it can also bring new opportunities.  AWB has been doing amazing things during this time. The staff have developed virtual programming for our actors to continue building new skills in the craft they love. Neill Hartley, the artistic director and Maria Cefferatti, the music director of AWB as well as the AWB Jr. artistic director have been amazing by providing theatre workshops through zoom. The actors are working on their upcoming performances of “Anything Goes” and  “ Stone Soup”. Although we are hoping to hold live fall performances, we are currently preparing for this summer to do the annual summer workshop virtually. The performance of “Anything Goes” will become a video to share with everyone. 

Each Friday, the actors take part in a TGIF socials via zoom which is vital for our actors to make connections, get support, and see their friends weekly. 

The Masters program for adults will also use a virtual platform and be focused on play writing and directing! We have special guest teachers, playwrite Michael Hollinger from Villanova University and David Ingram from Temple University.

AWB is preparing a virtual cabaret called “Journey’s” that will be on social media and YouTube in late June. The Cabaret will focus on the journey of one’s life and will feature many songs. The actors are individually videotaping their segments from their own home and it will be complied to a virtual video cabaret. Please stay tuned for details!  

The virtual performances of both “Journey’s” and “Anything Goes” will be a great opportunity to showcase the amazing talent of each of our actors.