For the past couple of years, we have had a wonderful relationship with Inglis in Philadelphia. Inglis and AWB collaborated to enable AWB to serve more adults with physical disabilities by providing theater programs to their residents through the AWB Masters Program and AWB Acting Lab. The newly created AWB Acting Lab Program brings theatre and acting classes directly into facilities who serve adults with physical disabilities.

This summer we started a new partnership with Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia. Members of Magee’s Wellness Program participated AWB’s Acting Lab program. We are thrilled to do be able to collaborate with Magee and introduce adults with enriching, challenging and uplifting Acting Lab curriculum. Magee, is a respected and wonderful organization which is a well-known rehabilitation hospital throughout the country. We are proud to now be working with Magee and see a strong collaborative future ahead.

Despite Covid 19, the Acting Lab was held virtually in July and August for six week and was taught by our general manager Jennifer Huth and our assistant acting director (and previous AWB Senior’s member) Jamie Knarr. This class was called an Introduction to the Fundamental Principles of Acting.

The acting students were beginners and they learned to explore and raise their awareness of acting in an experiential artform by tapping into their physical body, voice, and creative thinking. Jen and Jamie would start off each class with physical exercises (breathing and movement) and a vocal warm up. They catered the class to the ability and comfort level of each student.  With the guidance of Jen, the students wrote a short script to create a video project. The video was called “We Miss You” and was dedicated to the staff at Magee. It was amazing!

We look forward to continuing our acting lab programs in the fall.