This spring has presented many challenges to our lives, businesses, and non-profits because of COVID-19. AWB is no exception! Despite the challenges we may face at AWB we will persevere and keep doing our important work in different and unique ways!

While the monthly theatre workshops cannot be done physically in person, we have launched virtual workshops that are going very well. They are organized into smaller groups so each actor gets individualized attention. The actor’s families have been incredibly supportive to ensure that the workshops goes on in a successful way. The workshops are vital for many reasons. Social isolation is a big problem that many people are facing today. For our actors this is very common, even in normal in their daily life. The virtual workshops however allow each actor a place to see their friends and work on the craft they love. For some it is their highlight of the day (maybe even their week). Will, one of AWB’s actors said it best “COVID 19 cannot stop AWB!”

It was a difficult decision to are post the Fifth AWB Hero Award from April 1st to Tuesday, September 22nd at Water Works in Philadelphia. We look forward to honoring Tom Wlodkowski from Comcast. If you haven’t had the chance to attend the AWB Hero Award before, Water Works has an amazing outside patio that has a spectacular view of boathouse row and the skyline of Philadelphia. We hope to be able to use this outdoor area this year and keeping fingers crossed for beautiful weather. Please pencil in the date it will be an unbelievable event with a great guest of honor, great food and exciting auction items.