On April 18th the actors of AWB Jr. performed Stone Soup via Zoom. This was a world premiere video event for the AWB community.  When in-person rehearsals had to be postponed last spring, preparations were made to rehearse and record Stone Soup via Zoom. Filming for Stone Soup began in the fall and continued into the new year. The actors worked all year learning their lines and songs and they did an amazing job bringing the story to life. Our Junior actors showed an incredible amount of strength and resilience as they adjusted to the change in program format. We could not be prouder of our Junior actors!

Stone Soup is a folktale in which hungry strangers convince the people of a town to each share a small amount of their food to make a meal that everyone enjoys. The moral of the story places value in community, excepting people who are different, and helps all of us to see our place in our world.

Our new adaption featuring book, music and lyrics by Maria Cefferati, The AWB Jr. Artistic Director is delightful! Set in Philadelphia, Stone Soup features original music and a witty culture-clash as the two main characters, tourists from the South, are introduced to local “Phillyisms.” They get emerged in Philly culture as they navigate the City of Brotherly Love. They even learn how to order their cheesesteaks wit! The performance was great and it showcases Philadelphia.

We had for the first time an audio description for our blind actors and our blind patrons. This experience was wonderful not only for blind people but it brought awareness to this experience.  

We are thrilled that Stone Soup was also featured in this year’s Philly Theatre Week, which was available to stream April 22 through May 2. Stone Soup and the companion audio description is now available to view on our YouTube channel at AWBphiladelphia.