Programs at a Glance

  • AWB Senior Program

    The actors of the AWB Senior program meet once a month for twelve months where they work tirelessly to create a public performance in the fall, allowing actors to experience the benefit of learning the dramatic arts by performing in a live theatrical production. The ultimate triumphs are the self-esteem and lasting friendships that are created from working as a close-knit ensemble.

  • AWB Junior Program

    The actors of the AWB Junior program are the youngest thespians at AWB, ranging from age five and up. They collaborate to create the script, write the lyrics to the songs, and bring their characters to life! Junior actors rehearse once a month for nine months culminating in a musical in the spring. During this process, the actors build skills in teamwork, public speaking, and confidence. Friendships form, and they just have fun!

  • AWB Melodies Program

    The AWB Melodies Program allows AWB to live out its important mission of sharing what people with physical disabilities can do! Our public performances at schools and community events opens conversations and creates awareness around people with physical disabilities by shining a light on the need for representation and inclusion.

  • AWB Acting Lab

    Through the AWB Acting Lab, we share AWB’s nearly two decades of expertise and help others realize the therapeutic benefits of the performing arts. The Acting Lab enables us to teach weekly classes on-site and virtually, at care institutions serving people with physical disabilities. Collaborating with these great organizations has allowed us to expand our reach on a broader scale.

  • AWB Master’s Program

    The mission of the AWB Master’s program is to provide an immersive conservatory experience in the theatre arts. This one week, multi-day program provides thorough and comprehensive training to obtain the skills of a professional theatre artist. Each year one discipline of the craft is chosen as the main focus of the program.

“When I am on-stage my disability vanishes and the audience sees me as an actor.”
-Aaron Deede, AWB Actor