Program Description

  • AWB (Ages 12 and Up)

    The AWB program for teens and young adults with physical disabilities begins in November each year. The year culminates in October with a major performance performed for the community.

    The actors meet monthly at The Haverford School for a four-hour workshop designed and conducted by professional actors and theater educators.

    The actors participate in a week-long summer workshop to prepare and rehearse for the first unveiling of the annual performance for ESF Summer Camps.

    In October each year, the actors perform their major production at Centennial Hall at the Haverford School.

    In addition to this theatrical work, AWB provides monthly social outings and field trips to local theaters for its actors to experience performances first-hand, and to develop and nurture friendships with fellow AWB actors. In the past, AWB has sponsored outings to the Kimmel Center, the Walnut Street Theater, the Academy of Music and countless movie theaters for actors to experience performances from the markedly different perspective of an audience member and to develop stronger ties with their fellow actors.

    AWB also conducts performances at schools, summer camps, retirements homes and hospitals throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware to introduce community groups to AWB and to educate on the importance of disability awareness and to emphasize diversity appreciation.

  • AWB, Jr. (Ages 4 – Teen)

    The AWB, Jr. program for children with physical disabilities also runs from November to October each year.

    The actors meet monthly for a two-hour workshop at The Haverford School conducted by professional music educators. Participants perform on stage and receive training in acting in plays, singing, dancing and various improvisational techniques culminating in a spring performance at the Agnes Irwin School.

“When I am on-stage my disability vanishes and the audience sees me as an actor.”
-Aaron Deede, AWB Actor