How Can I Help?

Acting Without Boundaries is a non-profit organization that relies on support from kindhearted individuals, foundations and corporations. The work the organization does is unique. No one else in the area is providing this type of work which has proven itself to be so effective in raising the self-esteem and confidence of young people with physical disabilities. You can help us help young performers facing multiple challenges in their lives realize their dreams by:

  • Telling any young person you know who has a physical disability and is interested in theater arts about AWB
  • Becoming a sponsor of AWB (See sponsorship levels for details)
  • Making a donation to AWB
  • Volunteering with AWB
  • Attending one of our performances
  • Contacting us to schedule an AWB Melodies performance
  • Sharing your ideas with us about



“AWB has helped me in everyday life by helping me disregard that everything about me was different.”
-Hannah Brannau, AWB Actor