Highlights of 2011

  • Holding nine workshops at The Haverford School for 29 talented performers.
  • Going on tour with performances of “Melodies of AWB”.
  • Presenting a showcase of individual actor talents at “AWB Got Talent” at The Agnes Irwin School.
  • Performing Hand in Hand at St. Joseph’s University as part of Disability Awareness Week.
  • Christine Rouse doing her disability awareness program, Kid are Kids at multiple schools and other community sites.
  • Presenting “Annie” to more than 600 fans in Centennial Hall at The Haverford School, the first AWB performance that included both junior and senior actors.
  • Enjoying its Eighth Annual Fundraiser – “AWB Goes Broadway” at The Haverford School following the performance of “Annie”.
  • A Valentines Party at The Great American Pub in Conshohocken.
  • Going to see “Charlotte’s Web” at the Arden Theatre.
  • Adding five new actors and one new staff member.
  • Participating in the Innovation Project at ESF Camps.
“AWB has helped me to be less shy and more outgoing. It gave me the confidence to move out and get a job on my own.”
-Jordan Lazaroff, AWB Actor